It started with the blue butterflies, which I saw in a magazine. I cut them out and built a world around them, with scrapbook paper for the sky and clouds cut out of wrapping paper. 
 This started with the Happily Ever After card, which I found in my Mom's house while helping her move. The man and woman were cut out of an old card stock ad. The red hearts (along with the square negative space hearts) are stickers and the script 'Love' was initially hand-drawn with marker but replaced via Photoshop due to fading.
 This was built out of an old magazine insert. I fell in love with the different size and color dot design, which was spread across numerous pages. My concept was to incorporate them all into a single image. After sections of the ad were cut out and arranged, I hole-punched holographic scrapbook paper to draw the eye out of the contained structured dots and add some texture to it.
 Olympic Flame for Rio 2016 Games made with layered card stock. Used as a drink garnish for TheRelish.com (as seen below)
Drink Garnish.jpg
 Two layers of card stock, hand-cut, for each balloon. Tied with holographic ribbon. Used for gift tags/embellishments and party decor.
 Layers of card stock and origami paper, hand-cut, to create a hibiscus flower.
heart buttons 2.jpg
Wreath PS.jpg
Orchid Wreath.jpg
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